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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wedding or Marriage in the Philippines

There are two ways where you can get married in the Philippines. First, you can get married in a church (Church Wedding). Second, is what they called Civil Wedding or Civil Marriage. I will talk more about the Civil Wedding because I don't have experience on Church Wedding yet.

Once you have all the requirements gathered in getting married in the Philippines (and no one objected on your Marriage Notice posted or announced in the church for 10 days), both you and your partner are allowed to marry.

Your civil wedding will be conducted by a judge. You can not choose the judge. The judge's names will be raffled/shuffled on to which couple they will conduct the wedding. This is a new rule. The reason for this new rule is that many marriages before are not legal or are not taking the necessary steps to get married.

For example, it is a requirement to attend the Pre-Marriage Counseling to obtain a Certificate of Attendance that you really attend the seminar. Many couples are lazy enough to attend this seminar even though it only last for 8 hours (in a day). They just pay the judge a high price and the judge will do the paperworks for the couple. What the couple only have to do is just sign a number of papers and that's it, done.

Because of this, many judges were suspended and many “married” couples are not accepted as valid or legal. That simply means they have to do the paper processing and get married again! A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME! As I remember, a friend of mine told me she paid 5,000 to 7,000 Pesos (some even paid for 5 digits especially the foreigners) and believe me, IT'S NOT WORTH IT! When I processed my marriage papers, I only paid around 2,000 Pesos or lower.

On the Wedding Day, a personnel in charge will type your information on the CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE paper. You have to make sure EVERY DETAIL typed on this paper are CORRECT. If it happens that some details are mistakenly, incorrectly or wrongly typed, immediately tell the personnel in charge or the typist to make the necessary corrections.

The wedding ceremony will be held inside the court (but you can always choose that your Civil Wedding will be held in a different place like in your house, in a garden, hall, or restaurant but of course you have to pay the judge for this). In my wedding, it only last for about 10 minutes. “What? 10 minutes? But the paper processing take days?“ Yes, you are right ^_^! But anyway, congratulations on your wedding! ^_^

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Ren said...

hi! tanong ko lang, do you think it's possible na after we get a judge from the raffle pwede i-set ang wedding date within the same week? thank you.

Anonymous said...

hi Im roselyn,,

tanong ko lang if you have an idea in my case. Im late registered and its quite complicated because I had also different family when I was in Elementary and right now im having problem with documents becuase of different identity. My family is different now. Please if you have an idea.. or anyone have an idea regarding with that.. thank you so much..

Anonymous said...

Hi roselyn, what do u mean by different identity?

Anonymous said...

I mean I used different family name during my elementary and high school.. I just want to know what possible addtional documents that are needed.. Because I heard its alittle bit complicated...

Anonymous said...

Hallo xandy,with late reg. BC,it will take a little longer,they need to check it,u also need to pay for that...

Anonymous said...

hello, where do you think is easy to marry, in Philippines or Berlin?

EditorPinoy said...

Please see my answer here:

Ronny Schulz said...

hi po ,

Buti na lang po at may blog na ganito kasi nalilito po talaga ako . May bf po ako na German nakapunta na sya d2 sa pinas 2 months syang nag stay d2 . kakauwi lang niya ung Jan 9 . Married sya sa isang German gurl din pero lalabas na un divorce paper niya sa April 22 kaya nagpaprocess na ako ng papers ko kasi balak niyang d2 kami sa pinas magpakasal .. Now sabi sa amin e kumpletuhin ung Birth Certificate , Community Tax Certificate , at Cenomar .. ok na sya lahat may kinuha pa nga akong NBI e at ready na sana akong mag paauthenticate sa Monday sa DFA kaso nagulo ako now kasi may nag sabi sa akin na kaylangan ko munang ipa affidavit sa attorney o sa judge ung papers ko bago ako pumunta sa dfa . ano po ba ang totoo ? salamat po sana po e matulungan po ninyo ako salamat po

mltr said...


for you i said,
based on my experience in dfa,ito po yung kailangan na iyung gawin--other notarized documents such as affidavits,applicant must secure certificate of authority for a notarial act (CANA) signed by the executive judge or vice executive judge from the regional trial court(RTC)which issued of the commision of notary public.thats it.

shella said...

hi how about poh yung mothers surname mo sa marriage certificate it must be you mother surname when he wasnt married yet
but mine it was written using my fathers surname!
do you think it would not accept in embassy po? any idea guys?

Anonymous said...

i am already finish of my legal capacity to contract marriage,and were just got married last february 28,2014..thanks to this blog this really help me a lot...salamat po.

niegel ferianila said...

hallo guten tag, ask kulang po, kahit wla kang bachelor degree, but u know how to speak German is there possible po bah na makaka punta ako sa Germany kc were planning to get married here in Philippines po

Unknown said...

Hello friend,
My self Rinku SINGH I m from India n my Gf is from Philippines we have to merry in Philippines n I want to stay in Philippines only with my Gf bcz she have Business n she dont have father she can't leave her mom bcZ she is old woman her mom.
Call me say me what document I need to merry with my Gf in Philippines. Can someone say me what is total expenses I needits possible for me to get settled there at Philippines and work.
Where visa I takes now which I can go at Philippines country.
Help me someone my friend........ ..

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